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wholesale diamonds, diamonds direct to you at wholesale prices!Wholesale diamonds at prices less than half of retail.

Buy your wholesale diamonds direct and save thousands of dollars. In many cases a wholesale diamonds are less than half price of retail. You can eliminate the middle man markup and buy your wholesale diamonds direct from the largest diamond brokers and diamond wholesalers in the world.

Wholesale diamonds direct from a diamond broker or diamond wholesaler is a tremendous advantage to the diamond shopper. Historically jewellery retailers have prevented the customer from buying from diamond wholesalers. With the Internet wholesalers have started selling diamonds direct at incredible wholesale prices. The same diamonds selling in high end diamond jewellery stores such as Cartier and Tiffany's can be purchased from diamond wholesalers at wholesale diamond prices of about 50% of retail or half price!

Wholesale diamonds, buy your wholesale diamonds online!Wholesale Diamonds -
buy diamonds at a fraction of retail priceWholesale diamonds direct without any middle man markup. Discount wholesale diamond prices.

Incredible wholesale diamonds are possible by just following a few simple rules. The wholesale diamonds rules of survival are:

1) Never buy from a Internet diamond wholesaler that does not have a address listed on the home page.
Just try to get your money back for you wholesale diamonds from a Internet diamonds wholesaler that does not have an office. All reputable diamond wholesalers will have a office where to meet clients.

2) Be carefule of Diamond Retailers posing as Diamond Wholesalers.
True diamond wholesalers buy diamonds direct from diamond cutters and sell wholesale diamonds to retail jewellery stores. Some jewellery stores on the Internet claim to sell wholesale diamonds but really they are buying from diamond wholesalers and the so called wholesale diamond prices are no better than retail.

3) If a deal is too good, It probably is!
Diamonds are symbols of love and happiness. If you can find a 2 carat wholesale diamonds on the Internet for $2000 when the same diamond is selling in retail jewellery stores for $60,000 ask youself is this really possible? A realistic wholesale diamond price may be around 1/2 price of retail. If the deal is too good it probably is. There are synthetic diamonds and color and clarity enhanced diamonds that are prices far below a premium quality diamond. Its best to stick to reputable diamond wholesalers.

Wholesale Diamonds

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Certified Wholesale Diamonds
Always, always, always demand your diamond wholesale supply a independant lab certificate with your wholesale diamonds. A lab diamond certificate for you wholesale diamonds will guarantee that your diamond is a premium quality diamond. There will be no dispute regarding your diamonds carat, clarity, color and cut. Ask for diamond certificates from the GIA, HRD or AGS.

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